Madrona Remodel

Seattle, WA 98122

Built in 1909 on a steep slope previously known as landslide alley, this house had zero updates in its 100 years of life. As you entered the home it was apparent that major settling had taken place, the floors sloped approximately 5 inches from the front to the back of the house. In the center of the house the narrow stairs led to a short and unfinished basement. The upper floor contained four bedrooms and one extremely small bathroom for everyone to share. Both the front yard and back yard were too sloped to hold any outdoor living space and the backyard’s ill designed parking spaces took most of the yard while still only comfortably fitting one car.

We began work by taking down the lath and plaster and opening up the floors to expose the framing. We then leveled the floors through a combination of reframing the floor joists and installing sleepers and new floor sheating. To help ensure the home did not continue to settle, we installed pin piles and new footings along the east elevation. We then created a split level entry with a grand foyer by lowering the exisitng entry door approximately 7' and framing a covered porch with a new stained glass window to match the existing character of the home. The lower level was finished to create a media room, wine cellar and large storage area. The upper floor was reconfigured to create a master bed and bath with a large walk-in closet and a new master deck to take advantage of the sweeping lake views. We terraced the back yard slope to create 2 tandem parking spaces parallel to the alley and a 14’ deep by full lot width flat landscaping for the garden and deck.